Heart Centered Peace

September 11, 2021

Is it possible to find peace, the peace which surpasses understanding? Is it possible to actually let go and fall into peace?  Today peace may seem remote, unattainable. Searching denotes action and to me peace is a state of non-action. So how do we get from a place of restlessness, a place loaded with fear, a place of doubt, and place of destruction, a place of hopelessness to peace? It may mean running away or running toward something, or maybe closing the door, opening eyes, lifting our vision. So even in this world full of others, we are meant to be one because we are. Our words, our actions, our non-actions, our thoughts are powerful. Running may not be an option.  Being may be the call.  Looking for the humanity in each of us, ourselves, our relatives, our neighbors, our country, our continent, our world. Being overwhelmed by the world may grind us to a halt.

Simply look to nearby goodness. Where is the peace? Peace resides within each of us, peace is in the center, peace is the pulse which connects us to our God and to our community. Focusing on the center, focusing on love placed at our core, offering statements of forgiveness, statements of joy, witnessing miracles in the mist of messes. With Breath … Barriers will fall and hearts will soften. By recognizing the guardians among us and in us, peace is attainable, peace is in the present. That’s where we will find peace … with each breath we take, with each heartbeat we share, where there is love an opening for peace exists.  May you experience the peace which Surpasses All Understanding.