With the knowledge that life is a journey and the mantra keep moving forward, Emily has progressed from painter, to potter, to weaver, and back to painter.

Moving through … college Emily explored pottery, printmaking, drawing, and discovered her yearning to paint.

Moving through office jobs, teaching certification, mothering, weaving and Clinical Social Work, the nudge to paint more was a quiet whisper.

Moving through breathing water was a loud and clear call to paint images partnering with The Creator. 

Moving through gratefulimages and into Emily Vance Beynon for gratefulimages created a shift to a tandem focus of painting and the written word.

Austin, Texas is Emily’s home.  She spends time in Northern Michigan and traveling about the country.  Whether at home or exploring she is always observing.  She is encouraged daily by her husband and considers it a blessing to have worked closely with her daughters at  gratefulimages while they were in Houston.  Emily is blessed to co-create the images with The Creator.