The Process

December 11, 2014

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how long a painting takes to paint from start to finish.  So here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for … it depends.  But the process is often the same. 

Let’s begin with the wave.  First, there’s the inspiration.  This is when the painting starts.  For the wave, it was my visit to the California Coast along with my water obsession.  Watching the roll, smelling the seagrass, feeling the mist, hearing the rhythmic roar and tasting the salt air.


From my first toe in the Pacific at age 4 to my toe in the Pacific just last week all add up to wave upon wave of memories building a foundation for my wave paintings. 

#Blank Canvas … #Centering Self … #Releasing Control … #Going with The Flow


Stay tuned … more waves will flow