• Panorama


    October 13, 2015

    Six waves flowing … forming a panorama.  Mid-process revealing the underlaying paint and beginnings of building up the images.  I am still obsessed with waves and their process both when I stare at their natural flowing formation and when they reveal themselves on paper.  In both cases I find them mesmorizing.

  • Formation


    October 8, 2015

      A reminder … always begin with a prayer.  Lord, Co-create with me. Bringing God into the studio with intention.  God, three x’s seven being a minimum … music to fill the soul and the space create the atmosphere for intentional painting. In this case, sea green was the base color providing a purposeful blend […]

  • The Process

    The Process

    December 11, 2014

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how long a painting takes to paint from start to finish.  So here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for … it depends.  But the process is often the same.  Let’s begin with the wave.  First, there’s the inspiration.  This is when the painting starts.  For the wave, it […]