Breathing Water

After a year of internal complaining that Emily could not think of anything meaningful to paint.  She took a plunge which resulted in 12 paintings.

In June of 2001, Emily was on a river rafting trip on the Cache De Poudre River outside of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Halfway through the adventure over she went, plucked out of the raft, paddle in hand, caught in an eddy, submerged.  Breathless, she heard the Voice of The Creator guiding her.  Out of the water she was pulled and from that experience she painted the Breathing Water watercolor series.  The rafting trip was a defining moment.  Over the years these images have evoked deep emotions in viewers, ranging from hopelessness to hope from terror to peace.  They also remind her where to keep her focus.  Emily’s complaining about having nothing to paint ended.  As long as she places herself in an open attitude possibilities are limitless.

And when she relinquishes control and begins paintings with prayer “going with the flow” anything is possible.